A doctor attends a patient at Mother Kevin Medical Center

Our Impact

Your generosity makes a huge impact on the lives of so many around the world. Your kindness is felt and appreciated at an Eritrean orphanage dedicated to supporting HIV+ children; in a Ugandan medical center with new hospital beds; and in all our ministries to our friends in North America. Thank you for making a difference.

Our friends, volunteers and donors help to share the charism of St. Daniel through prayer, time, and kindness. One such example is Herminia Torres. When Herminia realized the number of people in her community (St. Francis de Sales parihs in Lebanon, Ohio)  who were struggling for basic needs, she stepped into action.

“We would help to get things, basic groceries, shoes for children, school supplies. Herminia knows all of these people. She knows what they need. She visits them in their homes and she can help to provide things they do not want to ask for.” — Fr. Louis Gasparini, mccj, Cincinnati Community Superior.

By the Numbers in 2022

1,489 Contributors

Volunteer Hours

$3,426,376 Funds Raised

Legacy Giving

Event Sponsorship

Comboni Brother Dr. Salgado lets a little boy listen to his brothers heartbeat with a stethascope.


of funding goes to program services

Sharing Our Gifts

Our missionaries often work in unimaginable situations. In Chad, Bro. Juan Carlos Salgado is the only medical doctor at St. Michael Hospital, with very little resources. The needs in this remote village are immense, yet Bro. Salgado couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. 

Because our missionaries give their all, our staff works hard to make sure that 95 cents out of every dollar goes directly to programs, projects, and ministries.

Your Kindness Made a Difference

Because of you, we can build a livestock shelter in Zambia in response to unemployment caused by the pandemic.

Because of you, we can modernize a maternity ward in Uganda, a country wherein maternal deaths are twenty times higher than the United States.

Because of you, the Daniel Comboni High School in Nkukwa, Malawi can be completed allowing 200 students to attend secondary school.

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