By: Heather Kaufman, Director of Development

I’m a missionary — and you are too!

As a Catholic, I’ve been taught from a very early age that when you help others, especially those in need, you’re sharing God’s love.

In Pope John Paul II’s homily at the canonization of St. Daniel Comboni, he remarks, “The three saints whom we joyfully honor today remind us of the missionary vocation of every baptized person. All Christians are sent on mission, but to be authentic witnesses of Christ, one must strive constantly for holiness.”

I’m not a member of a religious order and I don’t have a doctorate in theology, but I think Pope John Paul II is telling us to share God’s love. In other words, help people and do it because it is the right thing to do — not because you feel obligated or want to impress others.

How do we do this? There are many ways. One, and arguably the most important, is through prayer. Your prayers are welcome, felt, and appreciated by our missionaries throughout the world.

Another is by financially supporting the Comboni Missionaries. There are many ways to give — cash, check, online donation, monthly contributions, and Mass intentions are all great ways to support our work. Another is by remembering the Comboni Missionaries in your estate plans.

Planned giving is a great way to share in the mission of the Comboni Family. Your estate plans perpetuate the values you hold close to your heart during your lifetime and it is a great way to continue mission work by laying the foundation upon which we are building up the church in Africa, the Americas, and Asia.

We’ve had friends remember the Comboni Missionaries in their estates in a variety of ways. Some have left a simple  gift through their will to ensure the annual Nativity scene in Cincinnati, a 75-year tradition, can continue for future generations.

Others have made the Comboni Missionaries the payable-on-death beneficiary of an IRA. One particular friend made a gift this way to assist medical students in Africa — a place desperately in need of more medical professionals.

Another left money via a trust that is providing those facing food insecurity here in the US with groceries and basic household supplies.

These thoughtful and impactful gifts were not all million-dollar contributions. Every gift made, from $5 to $5 million, makes a difference and is so appreciated.

Not every person is called to leave their home or go to foreign lands — but every Christian is called to mission. When we think about how people respond to a disaster, we see people respond with love in one form or another. Although some of us may truly be on the front lines helping the sick and afflicted, our work, here at home is also important. Our prayers and donations are interdependent with these missionaries and they would not be able to do their work without your generosity.

I’m a missionary, you are a missionary, and together we can share God’s love and make a difference. Will you join me?

Please see the next page for important information about making a gift. For more information contact Heather Kaufman, director of development, at or call 513-474-4997.

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