Over the past several months we have seen friends come and go, moving on to new assignments and missions. While saying goodbye is also sad, we are still happy to welcome Fathers Domenico Guarino and Mussie Keflezghi.

Father DomenicoFather Domenico arrived to the province in September and recently started his ministry in Covina, California.

Q. Tell us about your last assignment.

A. For the past 11 years I did missionary pastoral work in Italy. The years I spent in Italy, especially the last five in Palermo (Sicily), I worked with migrants. I was involved in pastoral work with social organizations, parish communities, and young people I met in schools. The migrant reality is one of much suffering and injustice, but also one full of dreams and hope.

Q. Why did you come to the US?

A. One of the reasons for coming to the United States was to continue with missionary work with immigrants. Today most of the immigrants settle in big cities. In an urban context, a pastoral missionary support in the line of the small ministerial communities becomes possible and very useful.

Let us not forget that Jesus, as a child, had to flee to a foreign country because they wanted to kill him. Fortunately, for himself, and for us, he found someone who welcomed him.

Q. What are you looking forward to in your new assignment?

A. The main subject of the new evangelization is the community. Those who know the difficulties, suffering, and struggle of poor people in our society and accompany the life of communities, discover the presence of the God who loves and defends life.

Father MussieFather Mussie recently started his assignment at St. Joseph and St. Ann parishes in Kitchener, Ontario.

Q. Tell us about your last assignment.

A. I was assigned in 2002 to my home country, Eritrea. My specific assignment was in “Gash Barka “ North West of Eritrea bordering with Ethiopia among the Kunama tribe. It was truly first evangelization pastoral ministry. I was very happy because it reminded me of my first priestly assignment among the Sidama tribe in Ethiopia.

I loved it and worked full-heartedly with the Kunama people. Besides Fode Parish Mission, there were seven outstations. In my seven years there, I tried to organize the activities of the outstation chapels; formed parish councilors and youth groups. With the help of the Pastoral Center of the Eparch of Barentu, we formed catechists to serve their respective communities.

Q. Why did you come to the US?

A. I got the assignment to the NAP and I was happy to offer my missionary service here. The NAP was not totally strange to me. I knew quite a few Comboni Missionaries from my previous service here. As the logo of the NAP says: “The World is our Parish,” so I came with joy and open heart to join and be part of this big plan the Comboni Missionaries in the NAP.∎

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