In a joint venture, the Comboni Missionaries and Maryknoll Missionaries invited the youth groups in the Los Angeles area to spend a day reflecting on their missionary vocation to serve. About 46 young men and women, ages 15 to 25 responded to this call on June 17, 2017.

The attendants to this first retreat day came from the parishes where Fr. Jorge Ochoa celebrates Sunday Mass. Other people came from the list of candidates that Deacon Leonel follows at the Maryknoll Mission Office. The invitation also came to Holy Cross Church, the parish that Comboni Missionaries administer in South Central Los Angeles. About 8 youngsters from the group of Saint Sebastian carpooled and went to participate in this day of recollection at the Comboni Mission Center of Covina.

Sister Norma joined the team of Fr. Jorge and Deacon Leonel. The great number of young people who attended this event is a sign of the changing times in vocation promotion. God believes in us, and we are to believe in God’s call. According to the evaluation of the young people who attended this youth retreat day, they are looking forward to meeting a second time to plan a mission trip to a place where they can experience the mission first hand.

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