Students at St Daniel Nursery School sit at their desks

Students at St. Daniel Comboni Primary School in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan focus on their lessons.

Teachers grade work at St. Daniel Comboni Primary School in Nuba

Every child deserves the opportunity to receive a good education. In rural parts of Africa, it can be difficult to attend school — tuition can be expensive, or the distance too far.

But sometimes, there just aren’t enough teachers. Unfortunately, teachers in places such as Sudan, sometimes leave their calling as educators because regular salaries are not always guaranteed.

At the St. Daniel Comboni Primary School in the Nuba Mountains, teachers don’t have to worry about when their next paycheck will arrive. Through our Small Missions Project we were able to pay the salaries for five teachers!

“We are grateful for the support we received, which allowed us to motivate the teachers. Their performance improved greatly,” wrote Sister Anita Cecila. “I thank you for your important support to our school and wishing that peace may come soon and allow a better life to our children.”

We are so thankful for our donors that allow us to support these mission projects. For just $120, one month of a teacher’s salary is covered. This generosity allows these teachers to focus on their vocation, and providing a quality education to their students.

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