At an agricultural, social and spiritual center in Kaanda, Zambia the Comboni Missionary Sisters are sharing the love of Christ with the community. This important center is is just one of many places that receives support through our Small Mission Projects program.

Triduum with the Kids

To prepare for the Easter season, the sisters held a ‘triduum’ with the children. “In these three days we talked about the last supper, the crucifixtion and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus,” wrote Sr. Masika Muyayalo Alice.

The children received lunch everyday and were kept busy with many activities.

The older children were involved in the program by teaching some of the younger kids through skits.

After a day of learning, the kids visited some of the elderly in their community.

“They were very touched by the concern of the children toward them,” Sr. Masika wrote. “It was as well a very deep and wonderful experience for the children,” she added.

Sisters pass out lunch to the students staying to learn about the Easter season
Students sit outside the chapel to learn about the triduum

This center works year-round with people in the community. Literacy courses are very important for folks of all ages. Recently, a literacy course for adults who want to learn English was started.

The children also wanted an opportunity to expand their education. The sisters added classes for primary-aged students on Saturdays and holidays. 

Workshops and Summer Camps

Workshops for teenagers and summer camps were also held at the center.

During the teenage workshops difficult topics were often discussed; such as taboos, sexuality and body development, and sexual abuse.

The summer camps were a time for kids to continue their religious formation, learn how to use a needle and thread to repair clothes, and to play!

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