A gentleman holds two baby goats

The goats at St. Kizito Hospital in Matany, Uganda provide nutritious milk for patients.

Palm Sunday at the mission in St. Kizito

A Palm Sunday celebration in Matany, Uganda. 

The feeding program at St. Kizito Hospital in Matany, Uganda is now more financially stable than ever, thanks to a generous donation.

“It was a positive surprise,” wrote Bro. Günther Nährich. “With the extra support, we could stock our stores well.”

For $10,000 USD, Bro. Günther was able to purchase potatoes, baking powder, flour, beans, cooking oil, sugar, rice, onions and beef. This donation was extra important because Uganda’s government recently decreased the budgets of faith-based hospitals by fifty-percent.

But the need for nutritious meals has not gone away.

Over the course three months, the feeding program at St. Kizito feeds an average of 92 patients per day. It’s important for patients to receive a healthy meal to aid in their treatment and recovery. Unfortunately, most hospitals in Uganda are unable to provide meals, forcing patients to rely on family for food.

The feeding program provides essential meals for malnourished children, patients with tuberculosis, and many elderly adults who are sometimes abandoned as their children move to more fertile areas, Bro. Günther explained.

Beyond regular daily meals, the hospital also raises dairy goats, which provide precious milk for malnourished children. The rainy season has also arrived, which means fresh greens.

“Thank you once again for your help which has come in timely. With your help, you improve the lives of many vulnerable people. It is Charity given which shows your kindness and compassion for those in need.,” concluded Bro. Günther.

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