In Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation Gaudete et Exsultate (Rejoice and Be Glad), he enjoins us to embark on our Christian journey of holiness by embracing the ordinariness of everyday. Throughout his exhortation, Pope Francis calls out more than 40 saints who can assist us on our mission of Christian faith, and to teach us how to rejoice and be glad in all of life’s challenges, mysteries, and joys.

During the 34 weeks of Ordinary Time, we will introduce you to some of the saints mentioned in Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation. #OrdinarySaints for #OrdinaryTime #HolyOrdinary

St. Philip Neri – #126
Feast Day May 26

#126 Christian joy is usually accompanied by a sense of humor. We see this clearly, for example, in St. Thomas More, St. Vincent de Paul, and St. Philip Neri. Ill humor is no sign of holiness. “Remove vexation from your mind” (Eccl 11:10). We receive so much from the Lord “for our enjoyment” (1 Tim 6:17), that sadness can be a sign of ingratitude. We can get so caught up in ourselves that we are unable to recognize God’s gifts.

St. Philip Neri is a Catholic missionary and founder of the Congregation of the Oratory. He is the patron of Rome, US Special Forces, humor and joy.

At an early age he experienced a mystical vision which sent him on a path of mission to Rome. There he became known for his gift of speech, lively conversation, and good humor. But he always used those skills for good action – helping the poor, visiting the sick, and evangelization.

Learn more about this incredible saint:

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