Often times our missionaries sign their names with the letters mccj at the end. Why?

Father Joseph Bragotti, mccj answers that question for us.

“Religious in general, including priests belonging to religious orders or congregations, have initials after their name to indicate the group they belong to. So, for instance, when you see an sj, you know that the person is a Jesuit (Society of Jesus), when you see SC, you know that the person is a Sister of Charity, etc. In most cases the initials refer to the official name in Latin.

We are the Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus (Comboni Missionaries, for short) and our mccj stands for our name in Latin, namely, Missionarii Comboniani Cordis Jesu.

In the old days, our official name was Sons of the Sacred Heart (popular name, Verona Fathers) and the Latin initials of our name were fscj, namely, Filii Sacri Cordis Jesu.

Hopefully this bit of ‘alphabet soup’ will help you to understand us better.”

Father Joseph Bragotti, mccj

Now you know!

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