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Heather Kaufman is director of development for the Comboni Missionaries, North American Province.

By: Heather Kaufman

I honestly don’t say it enough, our monthly faith promise partners — MFP for short  — are simply the best. These monthly contributors quietly give a donation each month and ask for little recognition in return. I was recently reminded of this fact when we converted our giving website to a new, more user-friendly platform. To make this transition I reached out to this loyal group and many just simply made the switch. It is clear they just want to help and make a difference — and make a difference they do!

For example, we have one couple who have given monthly (beginning at $5 per month) for years. Every few years they increase their monthly contribution, now giving $25. I have never asked, but I’m willing to bet the slow-and-steady giving approach has served them, and most definitely us, well. Relatively speaking, it is a small sacrifice but the impact on the missions is enormous. Their giving over the years could have paid for three years of tuition for a nurse-midwife in training or it could have provided 48 water filters producing nearly 50 million gallons of clean drinking water for South Sudanese in refugee camps. Or maybe their kindness paid for 120 new mothers’ stays at Maracha maternity hospital in Uganda. They have made a huge impact and are quite simply inspiring!

Recurring donors play a vital role in ensuring we are ready to take action at a moment’s notice. Giving monthly also allows us to take a planned approach to our work. Monthly gifts help us save administrative costs and time so the impact of the donation is truly maximized. MFPs make a lasting difference in the lives of the world’s most poor and abandoned.

It’s amazing what even a small monthly donation can do, and there are more benefits of being a monthly donor:

  • It’s flexible — increase or cancel your gift at any
  • It’s streamlined — the whole process is automated and you receive a Summary of Giving at the end of the year.
  • It’s reliable — by committing to a monthly gift, you’re letting us know we can plan for the future for maximum impact.

Giving monthly is easy and convenient. We’ll keep you posted on the progress we’re making via social media and this magazine. Every MFP provides the promise of a brighter future to the world’s poorest and most abandoned people often struggling in unstable climates in the midst of extreme poverty. Please visit and consider joining this special group of donors as they support the Comboni Missionaries who travel the world sharing the good news of Christ and working to protect the dignity of all people.

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