For more than a year now you have helped us share the gift of safe, clean water with refugees living in Uganda. Over the summer we had the privilege of extending that gift to our missionaries living in difficult situations in South Sudan.

Fr. Gregor Schmidt spent the summer with us in the United States. Since 2011 he has lived among the Neur people of South Sudan. It is a very remote area, inaccessible by roads. His mission has 80 chapels, the furthest being a 3-day journey on foot.

Clean water is one of just many worries in this mission. Thanks to your generosity, Fr. Gregor was able to take 80 filters back with him to South Sudan. These filters will be used by our missionaries and by families living in the missions.

We are still working to get filters to our missionaries in Congo and the Central African Republic. Due to the difficult and often violent political situations in those countries, it has been challenging to deliver the filters. We will persist though, and eventually our missionaries and the people they serve will have access to safe, clean drinking water.

In January 2018 we delivered 500 water filters to the Palorinya refugee camp in Uganda. Jim Wilhite, a volunteer with Water with Blessings, was instrumental in teaching Water Women how to use those filters. He returned to Palorinya in September to deliver another 80 more water filters!

Thank you so much for helping us bring water to God’s thirsty children!

Fr. Gregor Schmidt teaches other missionaries how to use and clean the water filters.
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