Kenyan preschoolers sit in a row eating bowls of porridge
Mothers from Soweto, Kenya receive food rations from the feeding program.

Food and good nutrition are necessities for life — it should go without saying. Yet, millions of people worldwide suffer from hunger and malnutrition everyday. While we can’t feed everyone, we can feed some.

For more than 20 years the Comboni Missionaries have supported feeding programs throughout Africa. The positive impact these feeding programs make can’t be overstated. In the Soweto Slums of Kenya, the Comboni Missionaries Feeding Program supports hundreds of mothers and children.

Sr. Susheela and Thainees, Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel, operate a daycare in Soweto. Every day 197 children ages 3-6 attend the daycare where they receive an education and three daily meals. With their children safely cared for by the sisters, mothers are then able to work to support their families.

One hundred elderly and housebound individuals also benefit from the feeding program. Each family receives 10kg of maize flour every month. During the holidays, 300 children receive one meal a day which substitutes for breakfast and lunch.

Children need nutritional food to thrive and thanks to the generosity of our donors we are able to support feeding programs such as the one in Soweto.

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