8 men in traditional Catholic priest outfits stand in front of a building. They are members of the Episcopal Conference of Chad.

Members of the Episcopal Conference of Chad stress the importance of including all state actors in dialogue for national unity and reaffirms the Church’s commitment to working in the service of unity, justice and peace.

Bishops in Chad have called for an “inclusive national dialogue” that brings together stakeholders in the nation’s socio-political life to work together toward peace.

In a recent statement, the Chadian Bishops’ Conference (CET) highlighted that “the lack of real and sincere dialogue between Chadian socio-political actors has long plagued national life and is at the heart of current debates.”

CET further noted that the sudden April 19 demise of the Chadian president Idriss Deby Itno at the hands of military forces has brought the crises in the north-central African nation to the fore.

“The death of President Déby has made this crisis obvious, and this inclusive national dialogue and reconciliation is becoming an urgent necessity in order to enable all the children of Chad to come together and agree on a new social contract that should bind them for the next few decades,” the bishops said.

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