brick fence

View of the fence from inside the community.

View of the fence gate

In the United States ‘good fences make for good neighbors.’ But in many regions of Africa good fences provide security and protection.

Recently, through our Small Mission Projects program, we were able support an important fencing project for the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Uganda.

“I am happy to report to you that with your financial support, a considerable amount of work has been done on this project which now provides the basic security for the Sisters in the community,” wrote Sr. Florence Oryema.

This isn’t just a simple chain-link fence, or split-rail either. This sturdy barrier is built from brick and cement. Due to rising costs, the addition of plaster and razor wire will need to be added later. A gate was also installed so the community grounds could be fully enclosed.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the sisters now enjoy living with increased safety and privacy in their community.

“I wish to express my sincere appreciation to you for having considered this project and for the generous support you gave us to be able to bring this project to this great level. This project has greatly improved the security situation for the Sisters in Bweyale and enhanced the privacy needed for a convent setting,” Sr. Florence explained. “The Sisters now feel very relaxed and happy to do their work in a secure environment and are able to concentrate better for improved service delivery.”

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