Millions worldwide lack clean water, but we can help conserve this precious resource by making simple lifestyle changes.

1. Change Your Diet. It takes a lot of water to grow, process, and transport food. Meat and dairy products are especially water-intensive. To save water, eat lower on the food chain, eat more whole foods and don’t waste food.

2. Reduce Your Use. Cut indoor water use by installing low-flow fixtures, checking regularly for leaks, and using a dishwasher, if you have one. Outdoors, replace thirsty lawns with native plants that don’t require additional water and install a rain barrel to capture and reuse natural precipitation.

3. Examine Your Buying Habits. Just as every product has a carbon footprint, each thing we purchase uses a certain amount of water in production and transportation. Cut out unnecessary purchases, reuse or recycle where possible, and donate your gently used goods so someone else can avoid a new purchase.

4. Lower Your Energy Use. It takes energy to move, heat, and treat water and it takes water to make energy. Conservation has a multiplier effect, so conserve natural resources wherever you can!

Help Bring Clean Water to Vulnerable People

The Comboni Missionaries have partnered with Water With Blessings to supply water filters to areas in northern Uganda without access to safe water. One filter can supply three families with clean water for life! Learn more.

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