This Advent season, Fr. Maciek will visit several parishes in the United States to share his stories and the many needs awaiting support in our Kenyan missions. During the Advent Mission, Fr. Maciek will talk about the need to support new missionaries in formation, a school in the slums, and solar panels for hospitals.

A traditional Kenyan hut with a blue sky background
Fr Maciek celebrates Mass outside in a Kenyan Mission<br />

The Future of Evangelization

This past year, 840 young men from all over the world were studying to become Comboni Missionaries, with 62 of them studying In Kenya.  Formation of these men is essential to give continuity to our missions.

Adopt a young missionary and sponsor him with a monthly contribution. It costs $100 per month to support a student missionary.

Donation Note: Kenya – Formation

Education for Children in the Slums

For more than 50 years, the Comboni Missionaries have worked in the slums of Korogocho. Evangelization is done here through social ministry. The main focus is to provide an education to the children from extremely poor families.

Construction has already started on the new classrooms for St. John Primary School in Korogocho. The project costs $185,000. As of the end of November 2023, we are still $55,000 away from being able to finish the project. Please support the future of these children living in the slums.

Donation Note: Kenya – School

Students sit under a mango tree in an outdoor Kenyan classroom<br />
Kenyan students sit at desks. They are wearing bright pink uniforms.
Solar Panels are installed on a rooftop in Kenya<br />
Massai children in Kenya fill jerry cans with clean water from a bore hole

Electricity for Remote Areas

In many of our Kenyan missions, there is little or no access to electricity. Without electricity it is difficult to run the schools, dormitories for students, hospitals, or missions. One solar panel produces 545 watts and costs $250. Please consider donating “light” to our schools, dorms, hospitals and missions.

Donation Note: Kenya – Solar Panels

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