Jupangira church in Nebbi diocese Uganda
Mary Anne is the Parish & Community Engagement Coordinator at Catholic Charities of Southwest Ohio (CCSWO)

It’s always a cause for celebration when a new Catholic church is built. In places like Jupangira, Uganda it’s extra special.

Dioceses in much of Africa are often spread out over hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Within that diocese are parishes, and within each parish there could be dozens of chapels or outstations.

Jupangira was one such chapel in the Paidha parish. With enough resources, this outstation has now built a church and can continue the process of becoming a parish in the Nebbi diocese.

We were proud to support this endeavor through our Small Mission Project program. Every year, thanks to the generosity of our donors, we can sponsor mission projects in many places throughout the world.

The work is not finished yet for this new church. They are raising funds to finish painting and for pews. For now, the parishioners sit on the ground or stand. 

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