Children at the Good Samaritan Sisters orphanage pose with praying hands
children from the Good Samaritan Sisters orphanage play in the water

In Asmara, Eritrea, there is an orphanage committed to supporting children who are HIV/AIDS positive. This is no small undertaking.

Sr. Senait Berhe of the Good Samaritan Sisters oversees this incredible program. Last year, she reached out to the Comboni Missionaries hoping to secure funding for her orphanage through our “Small Mission Projects” program.

With the funds she received, Sr. Senait was able to purchase food and soap for the orphanage’s 46 children.

At the orphanage the children live in three ‘family houses,’ which typically consists of several adults living with the children in a home-like setting. There is usually a kitchen and shared living space, bathroom, and several bedrooms.

“It is with much pleasure that we want to thank you for the generous grant that you provided to the needy children, so that our dreams for our needy people may come true,” wrote Sr. Senait.

The family houses were struggling because of inflation caused by an economic crisis and the political instability in Eritrea.

This grant made it possible for the sisters to purchase sorghum, taff, rice, milk powder, sugar, oil, powder soap, liquid soap, and bar soap. With food and sanitation taken care of, the sisters can now focus on providing the children with a quality education.

“Your generous support have made a remarkable progress in the poor and needy children,” Sr. Senait continued. “Thanks to you as you made possible our mission and dream.”

Good Samaritan Sisters teach orphans in their family-like homes

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