The projects the Comboni Missionaries support are many and varied. From feeding projects to building churches, and from schools to helping build up families, the money you donate brings opportunities to people around the world.

PB298177For two weeks in March the Kangole Catechists Training Center in Moroto Diocese, Uganda held a Family Seminar and Retreat for the ongoing formation of Christian Families and for families journeying towards the Catholic Sacrament of marriage. In Namalu and Kangole, 100 couples joined the retreat, eager and ready to participate. Many of the couples had already celebrated their Christian Marriage. Others showed interest and willingness to prepare themselves to celebrate their Christian Marriage later in the year.


Bishop Damiano Guzzetti stopped by to celebrate the Holy Eucharist for the Group. "It was beautiful to feel more and more the Church of God in Karamoja today," Sr. Bruna Barollo wrote.


"The enthusiasm was great and several couples committed themselves publicly to choose a Christian way to solve the problems in their families and to grow together in mutual understanding and faithfulness. An important step forward has been taken by many, by deciding in front of God and the whole group to stop the addiction to alcohol, to stop drinking alcohol which has been declared one of the main causes of destruction of family life," said Sr. Bruna.

God is calling to the Karimojong people to respond to living a Christian life. These retreats and seminars help support families and teach them important skills.

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