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Q. Last time you told us that Comboni Missionaries in North America build bridges worldwide. Give us some examples.

A. Yes, last month I mentioned a number of ways the Comboni Missionaries in North America can connect you with the world at large, and the poor of the world with us. This month we will explore briefly (more is coming in our Fall 2014 Comboni Missions magazine) one of these bridges we have built that has an influence well beyond the small number of Comboni Missionaries in the NAP – our presence in the MEDIA.

Most people are poorly served by the national media when it comes to events outside of the country. Some reasons for the misinformation are political, especially when it comes to immigration, foreign aid, wars abroad and the like. Most sources of information have problems with international and religious affairs because of ignorance. I can vouch for that because I saw it personally when I was in Rome.

On the other hand, we missionaries are present at the grassroots and have information that nobody else has, not CNN, not the BBC, nobody. This, too, I know for a fact. That’s why we started a mission magazine way back in the 1950s. Through the magazine we connect you to the world.

Times have changed and we have changed as well to keep up with the development of technology. So now we have the digital Newsletter you are reading. If you like it, encourage your friends to send us their e-mail address. Through this newsletter you get to know bits of news and background information that are mostly unknown to others.

We have a beautiful page on the Web which brings the world into your home. Look us up at www.combonimissionaries.org  

We are also very active on Facebook both as a province and as individuals. Look us up at Comboni Missionaries – North American Province or under our names. Share the discovery with your friends. We are even on Twitter. After all, even the Pope is on Twitter! Need someone to speak on most hot topics of the day? Give us a call. Chances are you will hear something you would never hear on Fox or CNN.